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( 4 ) LANDLADY, without. July! go bring the kettle and stand? Why don't you notice what I command ? Still triſting with that fellow, alone! Has any one seen the Knight, Sir John? I wish the coxcomb may not be lost ! Of such another we'd ne'er again boast; So just a judge, so batter'd a beau, With so little substance, and much show. July, without. Poor Just-ass ! O, he'll be gone to rest, So 'bout him you need not be distrest. In some nook he'll be taking repose, To relieve from the weight of his nose; It, and his head, on some place to lay; Sure, plaguily, 'tis oft in his way. * SIR JOHN. Zounds! I'll be take myself to this Care; They'll not search for me in such a place I (He steals into, and seats himself, with elegant anguishing dignity, in the press under the stair.) If July comes past, to her alone, To her I'll try to make myself known: May-hap even from such a snug recess My suit may meet with greater success. Suppose now, till my sweet creature come, So's not to be heard, a tune I hum; But lest too much I stretch my shrill throat, I believe, though, I'd much better not,

  • See a Lady's character of her lover, &c. in

Doctor Pennecuik's Poems.