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( 5 ) Till I get out of this my bird's cage,- Oh! ere she's here, 'twill be a long age. Lud!-Women too are so monstrous queer! 'Tis birds, they say, make love by the ear: They wonder how I can bear about, Such a large crooked Toucan like snout; Cry, singing, fool ! becomes not a judge- Hist! hist! who comes here?-hist!let's not budge!

SCENE SECOND Enter JULY, puffing and blowing as she passes, with a large kettle and stand. Sir John, from the box, (with a low voice.) July !-July my dear !- What's your haste ! Here I'm Here I'm !- In dark corner plac'd! O Lud!-Ohon!-Oh! favour me kettle! By thy weight at this place make her settle! She's gone! SCENE THIRD. SIr Join, solus. Still, though, I will here remain, Till, unloaded, she returns again — Oh!-alas!-Oh!-aNce!-Hee!-How!_Wow! I hear her coming, puffing not now Like fat broken winded inate no wheeze- No cough-now, reliev'd, she moves at ease.

SCENE FOURTH. JULY enters, returning, without the kettle and stand.