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BOULANGER, BOURBAKI. HUGH CHISHOLM, one of the Editors of the New Volumes of the “ Encyclopaedia Britannica.” BOWEN. E. A. ARMSTRONG. BOWLS. J. A. MANSON. BRACHIOPODA. A. E. SHIPLEY, M.A., F.Z.S., Lecturer in Invertebrate Morphology, Cambridge University. BRAHMAPUTRA. Sir T. H. HOLDICH K.C.I.E BRAHMS. J. A. FULLER MAITLAND, M.A., h.S.A. BRAKES. G. H. BANISTER, M.Inst.C.E., E. M. HERR, General Manager Westinghouse Air Brake Company, Pittsburg, and H. M. Ross. BRAMWELL. E. A. ARMSTRONG. BRAZIL. Geography and Statistics, The Hon. W. W. ROCKHILL, Head of the Bureau of American Republics, Washington, and I. P. A. RENWICK ; History, C. E. AKERS.



Ph.D., F.C.S.

BRIBERY AND CORRUPT PRACTICES. L. L. SHADWELL, Secretary to the Commissioners in Lunacy. BRIDGE. W. H. WHITFIELD, Card Editor of “The BRIDGES. W. CAWTHORNE UNWIN, F.R.S., Professor of Engineering at the City and Guilds of London Central Technical Institute. BRIGHT. P. W. CLAYDEN (the late), Author of “England under the Coalition.” BRITISH COLUMBIA. G. M. DAWSON, LL.D., I.R.S (the late), Director-General of the Canadian Geological Survey, and MOLYNEUX ST. JOHN. BRITISH EMPIRE. Miss FLORA SHAW. BRONGNIART. SYDNEY HOWARD VINES, D.Sc., F.R.S., Sherardian Professor of Botany, Oxford University. BROKERS. LESLIE FREDERIC SCOTT. BROOKS. The Rt. Rev. WILLIAM LAWRENCE, D.D., Bishop of Massachusetts. BROWN, FORD MADOX. W. M. ROSSETTI. BROWN, T. E. A. T. QUILLER-COUCH. BROWNING. LESLIE STEPHEN, Litt.D., Editor ot “Dictionary of National Biography.” BRUSSELS. J. HU FIEF, Secretary of the Royal Belgian Geographical Society. BRYANT. GEORGE W. CABLE, D.L., Author of “Old Creole Days,” &c. BRYOPHYTA. W. H. LANG, M.B., D.Sc., Lecturer m Botany, Queen Margaret’s College, Glasgow University. BUDAPEST. ^INEAS O’NEILL. BUDDHISM. T. W. RHYS DAVIDS, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Pali and Buddhist Literature, University College, London. BUILDING SOCIETIES. Great Britain, E. W. BRABROOK, C B Chief Registrar of Friendly Societies ; United States, Hon. CARROLL D. WRIGHT, Commissioner of Labour of the United States. BUILDING. GEORGE B. POST, Mem. Am. Soc. C.E. BULGARIA. J. D. BOURCHIER, M.A., Correspondent of “The Times” at Athens. BULL-FIGHTING. A. E. T. WATSON (“Rapier”), Editor of the “Badminton Magazine” and “Badminton Library.” BUOY.

Captain J.



The Rev. J. J.

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Chancellor of Llandaff

BURIAL AND BURIAL ACTS. G. G. PHILLIMORE, M.A. BURMA. Sir J. G. SCOTT, G.C.I.E., Deputy Commissioner for Burma. BURMESE WAR. Captain E. PEACH, Indian Staff Corps. BURNE-JONES. LAURENCE BINYON, British Museum. BURTON. STANLEY LANE-POOLE, Litt.D., Professor of Arabic, Trinity College, Dublin. BYRD. W. Masses.”





“ Byrd’s

CABALLERO. J. FITZMAURICE-KELLY, Author of “A History of Spanish Literature.” CADIZ. A. E. HOUGHTON, Correspondent of the “ Standard ” in Spain. CAIRNS. E. A. ARMSTRONG. CAIRO. Major H. G. LYONS, R.E., Public Works Department, Egypt. CALIBRATION, CALORIMETRY. H. L. CALLENDAR, LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Physics, Royal College of Science, London. CALIFORNIA. CHARLES F. LUMMIS, Editor of the “Land of Sunshine,” Los Angeles, California. CAMBODIA. M. DE LANESSAN, formerly GovernorGeneral of French Indo-China. CAMPANOLOGY. The Rev. T. L. PAPILLON, M.A., late Fellow of New College, Oxford. CAMPOS. A. E. HOUGHTON. CANADA. Geography, G. M. DAWSON, LL.D., I.R.S., (the late), Director-General of the Canadian Geological Survey, and MOLYNEUX ST. JOHN ; Agriculture, JAS. W. ROBERTSON, Canadian Commissioner of Agriculture and Dairying ; History, G. R. PARKIN, LL.D., O.M.G., Principal of Upper Canada College, Toronto. CANALS AND INLAND NAVIGATION. Sir E. LEADER WILLIAMS, M.Inst.C.E., Consulting Engineer of the Manchester Ship Canal; United States, Gen. 0. H. ERNST, Member of the U.S. Isthmian Canal Commission. CANCER. ARTHUR SHAD WELL, M.D. CANONS OF HIPPOLYTUS. The Rev. J. ARMITAGE ROBINSON, Ph.D., D.D., Canon of Westminster. CANOVAS DEL CASTILLO. A. E. HOUGHTON. CAPE COLONY. Geography, Professor R. MACWILLIAM, Gill College, Cape Colony ; History, ALFRED HILLIER, M.D., Author of “South African Studies,” &c. CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. W. F. CRAIES, Editor of “Statutes relating to Criminal Law,” &c. CARICATURE. English, F. W. WHYTE, Author of “Actors of the Century” ; French, ARMAND DAYOT,. Inspector of Fine Arts, Paris; German, RICHARD MUTHER, Professor of Art History, Breslau University ; American, RUPERT HUGHES. CARLYLE. LESLIE STEPHEN, Litt.D., Editor oi “Dictionary of National Biography." CARTOON. M. H. SPIELMANN, Editor of the “ Magazine of Art.” CASTELAR.

A. E.


CATACOMBS. The Rt. Rev. W. R. (the late), R.C. Bishop of Clifton. CAUCASUS.




CAYLEY. Major P. A. MACMAHON, SC.D., F.R.S. CEMENT. BERTRAM BLOUNT, Assoc.Inst.C.E., Consulting Chemist to the Crown Agents for the Colonies. CENSUS. J. A. BAINES, C.S.I., formerly Census Commissioner under the Indian Government; United States, WALTER F. WILCOX, Ph.D., Chief Statistician, Division of Methods and Results, 12th U.S. Census, and Professor of Social Science and Statistics, Cornell University. CENTRAL AFRICA, BRITISH. Sir HARRY JOHNSTON, K.C.B., Special Commissioner for Uganda Protectorate. CEYLON. J. FERGUSON, Editor of “Ceylon Observer.” CHANNEL TUNNEL. W. BOYD DAWKINS, D.SC., F.R.S., Professor of Geology, Owens College, Manchester. CHANTABUN. H. WARINGTON SMYTH, M.A. Author of “ Five Years in Siam.” CHARITIES. C. S. LOCH, Secretary of the Chanty Organization Society, London. CHARTERED COMPANIES. W. B. DUFFIELD. CHEMISTRY. HENRY E. ARMSTRONG, Ph.D. LL.D., F.R.S., Professor of Chemistry at the City and Guilds of London Central Institute. CHERBULIEZ. LORD CREWE. CHESS. L. HOFFER, Author of “ Chess,” &c.