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Total value of exports of produce and of a new channel for the Avon and the formation of two manufactures of the United King_ „ „ basins, comprises about 63 acres of water. Altogether, the dom for 1898 .... £1,3/2,815 Against this may be set:— dammed-up water area, at fixed level, measures about 85 Total value of exports of produce and acres. In 1884 the Avonmouth and Portishead docks at manufactures of the United Kingdom 76 the river entrance were bought up by the city. The dock for 1888 2’^ Gross customs revenue for 1898 . . 1,61/,220 gates have also been enlarged so as to admit first-class steam1888 . . 914,108 ships and trading vessels of 2000 tons burden. The quay accommodation within the harbour is over a mile in length. Area of city and municipal borough, 11,407 acres ; population Clifton Rocks railway, cut in a tunnel from the gorge of (1891) 289,280 ; (1901), 328,842. Area of parliamentary borough, acres ; population (1891), 286,231 ; (1901), 321,908. the Avon to the summit of the Clifton Rocks, was opened 9675 Nicholl and Taylor. Bristol, Past and Present (1881). Hun i, in 1893. The council house, fine arts academy and Bristol; Historic Towns Series (1887).—Latimer. Annals of school of science and art, post office, and commercial rooms, Bristol in Nineteenth Century (1887); ditto in the eighteenth have all been greatly enlarged, and recent new erections century (1893).—Trout. Picturesque Antiquities of Bristol (1893). Collectanea relating to the Bristol Friars (1893) ; are the assize courts, a theatre seating 3500 persons, St —Wears. Philip’s Free Public Library, Cheltenham Road Library Burke's Connection with Bristol, 1774-80 (1894). Bristol, a town of Hartford county, Connecticut, (1901), Colston Hall, and statues of Queen Victoria (1888), Samuel Morley (1888), Edmund Burke (1894), and Edward U.S.A., situated in the central part of the state, inColston (1895), in whose memory are held annual Colston cludes an area of 27 square miles of hill country. It conbanquets. The museum and reference library were trans- tains two villages, Bristol borough and Forestville, both ferred to the Corporation in 1893, in addition to which on Pequanoc river, and on the New England railway. eight other libraries have been provided for the public They have varied manufactures, chiefly of highly manuuse. Mr Vincent Stuckey Lean, who died in 1899, factured articles. Population of the town (1880), 5347; bequeathed to the Corporation of Bristol the sum (1890), 7382; (1900), 9643; of the borough (1900), of ,£50,000 for the further development of the free 6268. libraries of the city, and with especial regard to the formaBristol, a borough of Bucks county, Pennsylvania, tion and sustenance of a general reference library of a U.S.A., situated in the south-eastern part of the state, on standard and scientific character. With a view to reviving Delaware river, and on a branch of the Pennsylvania railinterest in the once famous hot springs there, a new spa way 19 miles N. of Philadelphia. Population (1880), and pump-room has been opened in Clifton, where jilso 5273; (1890), 6553; (1900), 7104. two Established churches and a memorial tower (189/) to Bristol, capital of Bristol county, Rhode Island, John Cabot, the explorer, have been erected. Among the many charitable institutions are the General Hospital, U.S.A., situated on the east shore of Narragansett Bay, opened in 1858, and since repeatedly enlarged; Royal traversed by the New York, New Haven, and Hartford Hospital for sick children and women, Royal Victoria railway. The principal village, also known as Bristol, is Home, and the Queen Victoria Jubilee Convalescent a port of entry, with a capacious and deep harbour. It Home, opened by H.M. the Queen on 15th November has manufactures of cotton, woollen, and rubber goods, 1899. The entire assessable value for poor rate in the and yards for the building of yachts, for the construction union of Bristol, with a population of 55,549, was in the of which it is famous. Population of the town (1880), year 1897-98, £421,495 against £377,982 in the year 6028; (1890), 5478; (1900), 6901. 1887-88, with a population of 57,479. The amount of Bristol, a city in Virginia and Tennessee, U.S.A. poor rate expended for the year 1897-98 was £34,029 The state boundary follows the middle of the main street, against £29,300 in 1887-88. The local taxation expended dividing the city into two corporations, each bearing the by the town council of the county borough for the year same name. The Tennessee city is in Sullivan county;. 1897-98 was £183,026 against £111,190 for the year the Virginia city, formerly known as Goodson, lies within 1887-88. There are 5 daily and 5 weekly newspapers. Washington county, but is independent of county jurisThe principal industries are shipbuilding, ropewalks, chocolate diction. Bristol is situated in 36° 36' N. lat. and 82 factories, sugar refineries, tobacco mills and pipe-making, glass 11' W. long., at an altitude of 1689 feet. It has some works, potteries, soaperies, shoe factories, leather works and manufactures, especially of iron and tobacco. It is the tanneries, chemical works, saw mills, breweries, copper, lead, and shot works, iron works, machine works, stained paper works, site of several educational institutions, among them King s anchors, chain cables, sail-cloth, buttons. A coal-field extending and Sullin’s Colleges. Branches of the Norfolk and 16 miles south-east to Radstock avails much for Bristol manu- Western and the Southern railways join here, besides factures. Registered shipping in 1888—sailing vessels, 135 of 21,901 tons ; which the city is the terminus of two smaller railways. steam vessels, 62 of 20,516 tons. In 1898—sailing vessels, /4 of Population (1880), 3209; (1890), 6226; Virginia city 8925 tons ; steam vessels, 87 of 31,488 tons. Ships entering port (1900), 4579; Tennessee city (1900), 5271. jn 1888—8601 of 1,249,344 tons ; clearances, 8223 of 1,246,981 Bristow, Benjamin Heim (1832 1896), tons. In 1898—entrances, 5136 of 1,254,023 tons ; clearances, 5131 of 1,260,677 tons. j <■ 4.1. + j r American lawyer and Secretary of the Treasury, was born m The following table will indicate the magnitude ot the trade ot Elkton, Kentucky, in 1832. He received a college education, and was admitted to the bar in 1853. At the beginImnorts of foreign and colonial produce for 1898— Grain of all sorts . • • £4,723,641 ning of the Civil War he became lieutenant-colonel m the Sugar 886,623 Union army, and afterwards was colonel of cavalry. He Leather . . . . • 341,828 served throughout the war. He was state senator from Wine . . • • • 142,917 1863 to 1865 ; United States district attorney for the Total value of imports of foreign and Louisville district, 1865-70; and Solicitor-General of the colonial produce for 1898 . • 11,057,715 Against this may be set— United States, 1870-72. President Grant nominated him Total value of imports of foreign and -■ Attorney-General of the United States m 1873, but the colonial produce for 1888 . . 7,863,4/8 Exports of the produce and manufactures of the United Kingdom nomination was not confirmed. He was Secretary of the Treasury for two years after June 1874, when he vigorfor 1898— Q79 Chemical products . . • oo’vls ously prosecuted the whisky ring. He was an unsuccessCorn, grain, meal, and flour . 22,738 ful candidate for the Presidential nomination m 18/6, Metals of all sorts . • • 873,806