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Our zeal, which as we said at the beginning may, to some, seem arrogance, doubtless hopes for more than we can perform. But at least we can focus the efforts of many who are striving to make the living Telugu a live and potent force, for the expression of the ferment of ideas which are abroad. We Telugus, we flatter overselves, are more receptive of thoughts of progress than the other peoples of Southern India. In matters of Social reform and of Education we are at any rate not backward; our educated men are in the forefront in all public discussions; we have the courage to attempt what we believe to be good; we do not merely talk about Social reform, we put into practice. We believe in the uplift of the masses. Is there not here in this 'reform' of language the surest means of spreading light among the poor and needy? Is not our beautiful living tongue a true vehicle for our message? Our little ones are starved for good literature; our women hunger for pure imaginative books. Education is not limited to the school-room; good literature which inspires good thoughts is needed beyond in the world. The English have such in abundance; are we to be barred by an ancient theory from entering into the inheritance they have brought us? We appeal to all of our race who have benefited by their education to help us in our small efforts to stimulate the writing of imagina-