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[11 Will. III, c,12.
Crimes committed in Plantations.
[12 & 13 Will. 3, C. 2.
The Act of Settlement. (Sec. 3.)

Crime in Plantations.[1]

(11. Will. 3, c. 12.)'

Rot. Parl. 11 Gui. III. p.3. n. 3. Reasons for Passing this Act.

An Act to punish Governors of Plantations in this Kingdom for crimes by them committed in the Plantations.

Whereas a due punishment is not provided for severall crimes and offeunes committed out of this his Majesties realme of England whereof divers governors lieutenant-governors deputy governors or commanders-in-chiefe of plantations and colonies within his Majesties dominions beyond the seas have taken advantage and have not been deterred from oppressing his Majesties subjects within their respective governments and commands nor from committing severall other great crimes and offences not deeming themselves punishable for the same here nor accountable for such their crimes and offences to any person within their respective governments and commands:

How and where oppressions by governors, etc., of plantations abroad tried,

For remedy whereof be it enacted by the Kings most excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the lords spirituall and temporall and commons in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same that if any governor lieutenant-governor deputy governor or commander-in-chiefe of any plantation or colony within his Majesties dominions beyond the Seas shall after the first day of August one thousand seaven hundred be guilty of oppressing any of his Majesties subjects beyond the seas within their respective governments or commands or shall be guilty of any other crime or offence contrary to the law of this realme or in force within their respective governmcnts or commands such oppressions crimes and offences shall be enquired of heard and determined in his Majesties Court of Kings Bench here in England or before such commissioners and in such county of this realme as shall be assigned by his Majesties commission and by good and lawful men of the same county and that such punishments shall be inflicted on such offenders as are usually inflicted for offences of like nature committed here in England.


(12 & 13 Will. 3, c, 2.)

An Act for the further Limitation of the Crown and better securinq the Rights and Liberties of the subject.

3. * * * * * * * * * * No person born out of the Kingdoms of England, Scotland or Ireland or the dominions there-
  1. See, too, see 4 and 5, 21 Geo, 3, c. 70, post, p.