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7 Anne, c. 5.]
The Foreign Protestants' Naturalization Act, 1708. (Sec. 3.)

unto belonging (although he be naterailsed or made a denizen except such as [are][1] born of English parents) shall be capable to he of the Privy Councill or a member of either House of Parliament or to enjoy any office or place of trust, either Civil or Military, or to have any grant of land., tenements or herdiaements from the Crown to himself or to any other or others in trust for him[2]

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The Foreign Protestants' Naturalization Act 1708.

(7 Anne, c. 5.)

An Act for naturalising Foreign Protestants.

[Whole Act except part printed rep. 10 Anne, c 9.[3]]

Children of natural-born subjects, born out of England, deemed natural born subjects.

3. * * * * * * * * the children of all naturaleborn subjects born out of the ligeance of her Majesty her heires and successors shall be deemed adjudged and taken to be natural born subjects of this kingdom to all intents constructions and purposes whatsoever.[4]
  1. Interlined on the roll.
  2. Rep. 7 & 8 Vict c. 66, as to such parts as are inconsistent with the provisions of that Act. The provisions of that Act with which this clause is inconsistent, are as follows:—

    Sec. 3.—And be it enacted, that every person now born or hereafter to be born, out of her Majesty's dominions, of a mother being a natural born subject of the United Kingdom, shall be capable of taking to him, his heirs, executors, or administrators, any estate, real or personal, by devise or purchase or inheritance of succession.

    Sec. 5.—And be it enacted, that every alien now residing in or who shall hereafter come to aside in any part of the United Kingdom, and being the subject of a friendly state, may by grunt lease, demise, assignment, bequest, representation, or other. wise, tab and hold any lands, houses, or other tenements for the purpose of residence or of occupation by him or her or his or her servants, or for the purpose of any business, trade or manufacture, for any term of years not exceeding twenty one years, as fully and effectually to all Intents and purposes, and with the same rights, remedies, exemptions, and privileges, except the right to vote at elections for members of Parliament, as if he were a natural born subject of the United Kingdom.

    Sec. 6—And be it enacted that upon obtaining the certificate and taking the oath herein after prescribed, every alien now residing in or who shall hereafter come to reside in any part of Great Britain or Ireland with intent to settle therein, shall enjoy all the rights and capacities which a natural born subject of the United Kingdom can enjoy or transmit, except that such alien shall not be capable of becoming of her Majesty's privy council nor a member of either House of Parliament, nor of enjoying such other rights and capacities, if any, as shall be specially excepted in and by the certificate to be granted in manner hereinafter mentioned.

    Sec.16—And be it enacted, that any woman married or who shall be married to a natural. born subject or person naturalised shall be deemed and taken to be herself naturalised and have all the rights and privileges of a natural born subject.

    7 & 8 Vict., c 66,is rep. 33 Vivt.,by s.7 of which Act the above clause is virt. rep. as to all persons obtaining a certificate of naturalisation.

  3. This is numbered Cap,5 in the Statutes at large.
  4. See,too, 4 Geo. 2,c 21; 13 Geo. 3,c. 21.