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Marriages in the Heavens 445
The Lord's Words concerning Marriage in the Heavenly World 447
No Procreation of Offspring in Heaven 449
A Marriage Ceremony in Heaven 450
A Conjugial Pair in Heaven 451
The State of Married Partners after Death 454
True Marriage looks to what is Eternal 455
Conjugial Love is perfected to Eternity 456
They who are in Love truly conjugial feel and see themselves to be a united Man 457
Marriages induce upon the Souls and Minds another Form 458
The Woman is actually formed into a Wife according to the Description in the Book of Genesis 459
Conjugial Love is Fundamental to all Loves, and the Treasury of all Joys and Delights 460
Wisdom and Intelligence are in Proportion to Conjugial Love 462
The Qualifications for receiving Conjugial Love 463
Obstacles to Conjugial Love 464
Difference of Religion incompatible with Conjugial Love 466
Conjugial Pairs are born for each other 467
True Conjugial Love is scarcely known at this day 468
Semblances of Conjugial Love 469
Second Marriages 470
The Nature of the Intelligence of Women and of Men 472
The Wife should be under the Guidance of the Husband 473
The Beauty of the Angels originates from Conjugial Love 474
A Likeness of Marriage in all Created Things 475
Origin of the Love of Infants 476
Different Quality of the Love of Infants and Children with the Spiritual and the Natural 478
The Recession of Infantile Innocence and hence of Parental Love 479


General Doctrine 480
The Lord's Divine Providence has for its end a Heaven from the Human Race 480
Divine Foresight with the Divine Providence 480
Divine Providence is Universal and Particular 481
In all that it does the Divine Providence looks to what is Infinite and Eternal from itself, especially in the Salvation of the Human Race 482
The Law of Divine Providence respecting Man's Freedom and Reason 485
The Law of the Divine Providence respecting the Removal of Sins in the internal and external Man 492
The Law of the Divine Providence respecting Compulsion in matters of Faith and of Religion 494
The Divine Providence unseen and unfelt, yet is to be known and acknowledged 502
The Divine Providence seen from behind and not in the Face 504
The Divine Providence and Human Prudence 505