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The Divine Providence respecting temporal Things 507
The Divine Providence respecting the reception of Truth and Good 509
Permissions of the Divine Providence 513
Permissions of Providence with respect to Worldly Possessions and Honours 515
Permission of Providence with respect to Wars 516
Permission of Providence with respect to the Religions of the various Nations 518
Permission of Providence with respect to the Mahometan Religion 520
Permission of Providence with respect to the limited prevalence of the Christian Religion 522
Permission of Providence with respect to the Divisions and Corruptions of the Christian Religion 523
The Permission of Evils 524
The Divine Providence is equally with the Evil and the Good 525
The Particular Leading of the Good and the Evil by the Divine Providence 527
Why Divine Providence leads Man by Affection, not by Thought 529
The Divine Providence in Withdrawing Man from Evil 530
Every Man may be reformed, and there is no Predestination 534
The Operations of Providence for Man's Salvation are continual and progressive 534
Reason why the Divine Providence operates invisibly and incomprehensively 536
Fate 536
Fortune and Chance 537
Accidents 538
Divine Providence in respect to the Time of Man's Death 538
Care for the Morrow 539


Prevailing Ignorance respecting the Soul 541
What the Soul is 541
Origin of the Soul 543
Discrete and Continuous Degrees 543
Successive and Simultaneous Order of Discrete Degrees 546
Three Discrete Degrees of the Mind 547
In each Degree there is a Will and an Understanding 548
A yet interior Region of the Understanding, above the Celestial, in the Inmost Man 549
The Rational and the Natural Mind 550
Evils and Falsities reside in the Natural degree of the Mind 551
The Action and Reaction of the Natural and Spiritual Mind 552
The Closing of the Spiritual Degree of the Mind 552
A Man is perfected in the other Life according to the Degree opened in the World 553
The Will and Understanding are Organic Forms 553
The Understanding can be elevated above the Will 554
The Will rather than the Understanding constitutes the Man 555
Thoughts and Affections are Variations of State and Form of the Organic Substances of the Mind 556