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Ideas of Thought 558
The Appearance of Understanding in Brutes—Difference between them and Man 558
How the Spirit dwells within the Body 560


Former Hypotheses concerning the Intercourse between the Soul and the Body 561
There is one only Life which flows into and vivifies all Forms 562
Influx from the Lord is both Immediate and Mediate through the Heaven 563
General and Particular Influx 566
The Influx into and through the Heavens is in Successive Order, from the First to the Ultimate of Nature 566
The Influx into Man is also in Successive Order, according to the Discrete Degrees of the Mind 567
The Influx is into the Will and Understanding, and through these into the Body 568
Influx illustrated by the Sight of the Eye 570
In true order Spiritual Influx would guide Man into all Intelligence and Wisdom 570
The Influx into the World of Nature 571
Origin of Noxious Animals, Plants, and Minerals 573
How the Soul acts into and by means of the Body 576


All Angels and Spirits were once Men 577
The Immensity of the Spiritual World 577
Outward Aspect of the Spiritual World 578
The Book of Life 579
The Eternity of Heaven and Hell 581
Why the Wicked cannot be saved after death 583
Meaning of the Saying, "As the Tree falleth so it lies" 583
Scriptural Explanation of the final State 584
The Universals of Hell and of Heaven 585


General Doctrine 586
The Resurrection and Last Judgment of every one is immediately after death 588
The Dread of Death an Indication of the Quality of a Man's Life 589
The Process of Dying, Resurrection, etc. 589
Three Successive States of Man in the World of Spirits 592
The First State of Man after Death 593
The Second State of Man after Death 595
The Third State of Man after Death 598
Vastation 601
Indiscriminate earthly Friendships hurtful after Death 601
The Character of every one is perceived in the other Life from the Sphere that encompasses him 603
Conversation and Language of Spirits 604
The Case of those who have only Natural Hereditary Good 605