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11. A new Theory concerning the End of the Earth, MS. fragment of 38 pages, 1717.

12. On a Mode of assisting Commerce and Manufactures, MS. 6 pages, 4to, 1717.

13. A Memorial on the establishment of Saltworks in Sweden, MS. 4 pages folio, 1717.

14 The Nature of Fire and Colors, MS. 6 pages folio, 1717.

15. Algebra, edited in ten books, Upsala, 135 pages, 16mo. 1718.

16. Contributions to Geometry and Algebra. MS. 169 pages 4to, 1718.

17. An Attempt to find the East and West Longitude by the Moon, set forth for the judgment of the learned. Upsala, 1718, 38 pages 8vo.

18. On the Motion and Repose of the Earth and the Planets, i. e. some arguments showing that the earth slackens its speed more than heretofore, causing winter and summer nights and days to be longer, in respect to time, than formerly. Scara, 1718, 40 pages, 16 mo.

19. Respecting the great Depths of Water, and of strong Tides in the primeval world; proofs from Sweden. Upsala, 1719, 40 pages, 16 mo.

20. A Description of Swedish iron furnaces, and of the processes for smelting iron, 84 pages 4to, 1719.

21. Anatomy of our most subtle Nature, showing that our moving and our living force consists of vibrations. MS. 48 pages, 4to, 1719.

22. New Directions for discovering Metallic Veins, or some hints hitherto unknown for the discovery of mineral veins and treasures deeply hidden in the earth. Ms. 14 pages 4to.

23. Information concerning Docks, Canal-locks, and Salt-works. Stockholm, 1719, 8 pages 4to.

24. Proposal for regulating our Coinage and Measures, by which our computation is facilitated and fractions are abolished. Stockholm, 1719, 8 pages 4to.

25. Concerning the Else and Fall of Lake Wenner, and how far this is due to the flow of water into it, and the carrying off of water by streams. MS. 7 pages folio, 1720.

26. First Principles of Natural Things, deduced from experience and geometry, or a posteriori and a priori. MS. 560 pages. 4to. 1720.

27. Letter of Emanuel Swedenborg to Jacob à Melle. In Acta Literaria Sueciæ for 1721, 4 pages (192 to 196).

28. A Forerunner of the First Principles of Natural Things, or of new attempts to explain Chemistry and experimental Physics geometrically. Amsterdam, 1721, 199 pages, 16mo.

29. New Observations and Discoveries respecting iron, and Fire, and particularly respecting the elementary nature of fire,