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tures of the Word of the Lord disclosed; here, those which are in Genesis, together with Wonderful Things which have been seen in the World of Spirits, and in the Heaven of Angels. London, 1747 to 1753, 5 vols. 2761 pp. 4to.

18. The Heavenly Mysteries, etc. ; here those which are in Exodus, together with, etc. 3 vols, 1796 pp. 4to. London. 1747-58.

19. Memorabilia, Part III. MS. 1748-50. In the printed copy it fills 372 pages 8vo.

20. Memorabilia Part IV. MS. 134 pp. 16mo. 1750-51.

21. Index to the Adversaria and the Memorabilia, Part I. to IV. MS. 988 pp. folio. 1748-51.

22. Memorabilia, Part V. MS. 602 pages 8vo. 1752 to 1765.

23. Index to the Memorabilia, Part III-IV. MS. 100 pp. folio. 1752-65.

24. Index to the Words, Names and Things in the Arcana Cœlestia. MS. 1749 to 1756.

25. Heaven and its Wonders and Hell; from Things heard and seen. London, 1758, 272 pp. 4to.

26. The White Horse mentioned in Revelations XIX; and afterwards, the Word and its spiritual or internal Sense from the Arcana Cœlestia. London, 1748, 23 pp. 4to.

27. The New Jerusalem and its Heavenly Doctrine; from things heard out of Heaven; with an Introduction on the New Heaven, and the New Earth. London, 1758, 155 pp. 4to.

28. The Earths in our Solar System, which are called Planets, and the Earths in the Starry Heavens; their Inhabitants, and also the Spirits and Angels from there; from Things heard and seen. London, 1758, 72 pp. 4to.

29. The Last Judgment, and the Destruction of Babylon, showing that what was foreteld in the Book of Revelation has been fulfilled at the present day; from Things heard and seen. London, 1758, 55 pp. 4to.

30. The Apocalypse explained according to its spiritual sense, wherein are revealed the Mysteries therein foretold, which have hitherto been unknown. MS. 1992 pp. 4 vols, 4to.

31. On the Athanasian Creed. MS. 42 pp. 8vo. 1759.

32. The Lord. MS. 42 pp. 8vo. 1759.

33. A Summary Exposition of the internal sense of the Prophetical Books and the Psalms of the Old Testament; to which are added some things respecting the Historical parts of the Word. MS. oblong folio, 125 pp. 8vo. 1759-60.

33a. Papers prepared for the Swedish Diet. MS. 100 pages folio. 1760.

34. The Last Judgment. MS. 160 pp. oblong folio. 1760.

35. The Spiritual World. MS. 30 pp. oblong folio. 1760.

36. The Sacred Scriptures or Word of the Lord, from experience. MS. 42 pages, 8vo. 1761.

37. On the Precepts of the Decalogue. MS. 6 pp. 8vo. 1761.