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38. Observations on Faith. MS. 2 pp. oblong folio. 1761.

39. The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem respecting the Lord. Amsterdam, 176B, 64 pp. 4to.

40. The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem respecting the Sacred Scripture. Amsterdam, 1763, 54 pp. 4to.

41. The Doctrine of Life for the New Jerusalem, from the precepts of the Decalogue. Amsterdam, 1763, 36 pp. 4to.

42. The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem respecting Faith. Amsterdam, 1763, 23 pp. 4to.

43. Continuation of the Treatise on the Last Judgment and the Spiritual World. Amsterdam, 1763, 28 pp. 4to.

44. Description of the Mode in which marble slabs are inlaid for tables and other ornaments. In "Transactions of the Royal Academy of Sciences," April-June, 1763, vol. XXIV. pp. 107-113.

45. The Divine Love. MS. 22 pp. oblong folio. 1762-63.

46. The Divine Wisdom. MS. 46 pp. oblong folio. 1763.

47. Angelic Wisdom respecting the Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. Amsterdam, 1763, 151 pp. 4to.

48. Angelic Wisdom respecting the Divine Providence. Am- sterdam, 1764, 214 pp. 4to.

49. Doctrine of Charity. MS. 49 pp. large folio. 1764.

50. The Apocalypse Revealed, wherein are disclosed the Mysteries there foretold, which have hitherto remained concealed. Amsterdam, 1766, 629 pp. 4to.

51. New Method of finding the Longitude of Places on Land and at Sea. Amsterdam, 1766, 8 pp. 4to.

52. On the Horse, and Hieroglyphics. MS. 1766.

53. Index of Words, Names and Things contained in the Apocalvpse Revealed. MS. 75 pp. 4to. 1766.

54. Five Memorabilia. MS. 13 pp. folio. 1766.

55. Conversation with Angels. MS. 3 pp. folio. 1766.

56. First work on Conjugial Love. MS. 1766-7.

57. Memorabilia on Marriage. MS. 13 pp. large folio. 1766.

58. The Wise Delights of Conjugial Love; after which follow the Insane Pleasures of Scortatory Love. Amsterdam, 1768, pp. 328, 4to.

59. The Natural and Spiritual Sense of the Word. MS. 1768

60. Justification and Good Works; Conversations with Calvin, etc. MS. 1768.

61. Outlines of the Doctrine of the New Church. MS. 1768.

62. A brief Exposition of the Doctrine of the New Church which is meant by the New Jerusalem in the Apocalypse. Amsterdam, 1769, 4to.

63. The Intercourse between the Soul and the Body, which is supposed to take place either by physical influx or by spiritual influx or by preestablished harmony. London, 1769.

64. Answer to a Letter written by a Friend. London, 1769, 3 pp. 4to.