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65. Nine Questions concerning the Trinity, etc., proposed by Thomas Hartley to Emanuel Swedenborg; with his Answers. MS. pp. 6, 4to. 1769.

66. The Canons or entire Theology of the New Church. MS. pp. 45, folio. 1769.

67. Corroborating Passages from the Old and New Testaments, collected and briefly explained. MS. pp. 39, folio. 1769.

68. The True Christian Religion, containing the Universal Theology of the New Church which was predicted by the Lord in Daniel VII. 13-14, and in the Apocalypse XXI, 1, 2; by Emanuel Swedenborg, Servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amsterdam, 1771, pp. 541, 4to.

69. Materials for the True Christian Religion. MS. pp. 23 folio. 1770.

70. Ecclesiastical History of the New Church. MS. 1 p. folio. 1771.

71. A Summary of the Coronis or Appendix to the True Christian Religion; containing an Account of the four Churches on this Earth since the Creation of the World, and of their periods and consummations. Likewise an account of the New Church about to succeed these Four, which will be a truly Christian Church. MS. 1771.

72. The Consummation of the Age, the Lord's Second Coming, and the New Church; to which is added an Invitation to that Church addressed to the whole Christian World. MS. pp. 15 folio. 1771.