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Army,Confederate States(Continued): Act- Diminishing number of exemptions and details, recommendations regarding, 540, 547. Directing how prize money shall be paid vetoed, 216. Encouraging manufacture of small arms vetoed, 158. Establishing Veteran Soldiers' Home vetoed, 409. Exempting editors and newspaper employees vetoed, 465. Granting furloughs vetoed, 162. Increasing strength of heavy artillery for seacoast defense vetoed, 320. Organizing general staff for, reasons for applying pocket veto to, 457. Paying arrears due Army and Navy vetoed, 561. Promoting officers in certain cases vetoed, 558. Providing for appointment of general in chief, 570. Raising and organizing troops in Missouri — Returned with reasons there-for, 155. Vetoed, 160. Regulating business of conscription, recommendations regarding, 542. Regulating furloughs and discharges vetoed, 156. Relating to pay and allowances of deceased soldiers vetoed, 216. Reorganizing and promoting efficiency of Medical Department vetoed, 263. Addresses of President to — Army of — Eastern Virginia, 229. Richmond, 228. Soldiers, 335, 414. Aids-de-camp in, rank of, discussed, 540.

Army, Confederate States(Continued) Appropriations recommended for — Cooks and nurses for, 127. Expenses of, 57, 303, 310. Flour for, 249. Medical Department of, 250. Provisional Army, 57. Assistant Surgeons in, act for appointment of additional, vetoed, 130. Cadets in, recommendation regarding appointment and duties of, 80. Cavalry horses, legislation regarding, recommended, 372, 492. Chaplains for, recommendation regarding appointment of, 81. Clothing for, returns for, referred to, 407. Commissions for trials of offenses in, recommended, 244. Conscription law. (See Conscription Law.) Consolidation of companies and regiments, recommendations regarding, 236, 258, 372, 492. Courts-martial in — Findings of, referred to, 300, 303. Recommendations regarding, 244, 448, 538. Report of, transmitted in cases of— Desertion, etc., 303. Drunkenness, 255. Desertions in, reports of courts-martial in cases of, transmitted, 303- Drunkenness in — Report of courts-martial in cases of, transmitted, 255. Trials and convictions under act to punish, referred to, 505. Duties for persons above conscript age discussed, 371. Enlistments in, terms of, discussed,190. General- Act creating office of commanding, vetoed, 215. 37