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578 Messages and Papers of the Confederacy.

Bold text Army, Confederate States(Continued) : General — Creation of grade of, recommended, 80. General in Chief of, appointment of, 570. General staff of, organization of, recommended, 373, 447. Act providing for — Reasons for applying pocket veto to, 457. Referred to, 500. Vetoed, 262. Holcomb Legion referred to, 456. Increase in — Provision for, recommended, 236 Recommended, 122, 194,371,404,532,545. Legionary organization of Provisional, referred to, 456. Military courts in, recommendations regarding, 448, 538. Militia law, general, recommended, 491, 548. Negroes employed in, discussed, and recommendations regarding, 370, 493. Arming as soldiers — Opposed, 495. Referred to, 547. Nominations for appointment in, return of, requested, 241, 537. Officers of — Absence of — Act to prevent, referred to, 388. Discussed, and recommendations regarding, 372. Act- Authorizing appointment of additional artillery, for ordnance duties vetoed, 466. Providing for promotion of, in certain cases vetoed, 558. Appointed under act approved Oct. 13, 1862, referred to, 400. Appointed under act to raise troops, approved Oct. 11, 1862, referred to, 392. Army, Confederate States(Continued): Officers of — Communication of, serving in cities, 300. Deprived of purchasing rations, recommendations regarding, 447- Employed in Departments in Richmond, Va., referred to, 514, 552. Estimate of expenses of, acting as Indian agents, 99. Guilty of absence without leave, and desertion, pardoned, 329. Incompetent — Discussed, and recommenda- tions regarding, 257. List of retired, transmitted, 453- New mode of withdrawing commissions of, recommend- ed, 236. Increase of allowances to, travel- ing under orders recommend- ed, 448. List of — ■ In artillery of Provisional, for performance of ordnance duty transmitted, 384. Referred to, 251. Retired, transmitted, 453. Pay and allowances of general, while invalidated from service discussed, 405. Provision for appointment of brigadier and major generals in certain cases recommended, 260. Provision for invalid, resigning from service recommended, 447- Renomination of certain, advice of Senate regarding necessity of, requested, 246. Sale of cloth and clothing to, re- ferred to, 504. Sick and wounded, accommoda- tions for, referred to, 519.