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Ḥag. 3a ובקשתם לאַבְּדָהּ ממני and you wanted to deprive me of it? Ib. 4a זה המְאַבֵּד וכ׳ one who destroys what is given to him.—א׳ עצמו לדעת to commit suicide wilfully. Gen. R. s. 82; a. fr.—2) to drop from memory, to forget. Aboth V, 12; a. e.

אֲבַד ch. to be lost. Targ. I Sam. IX, 3; a. fr.—Snh. 111a; a. fr.— Y. Pes. IX, 37a וכאָבִיד הוא it is to be looked upon as lost.

Pa. אַבַּד to destroy. Targ. II Kings, XIX, 18; a. fr.

Af. אוֹבֵד, אוֹבֵיד l)=Pa. Targ. Deut. XXVI, 5; a. fr.—Y. Kid. III, 64c bot. אובדתא חיין וכ׳ thou hast ruined this man's (my) life. Gen. R. s. 56 אובדת ליבך thou hast lost thy wits; a. fr.—2) to be lost, to go to ruin. Targ. Ps. XLI, 6; a. e.—Y. Ḥag. II, 77b ווי דמובדין alas for the lost (deceased)! Y. M.Kat. I, beg. 80a ויובדן and decay.

Ithpa. אִתְאַבֵּד to be lost. Lev. R. s. 34 מִתְאַבְּדִין if they should be lost.—מִתְּבִיד=מִתְאֲבִיד Pes. 5b; a. e. [Lam. R., to IV, 21 לאיבדא, read לאיעבדא v. עֲבַד.]

אָבֵד m. perishable, irretrievable, דבר הא׳ a business which cannot be postponed without irretrievable loss. M. Kat. lla; a. fr.

אַבְדָּא m. (אבד) destruction. Targ. Prov. XXVIII, 28.

אֲבֵדָה, v. אֲבֵי׳.

אֶבְדּוּמָא pr. n. m., v. אֶבְדִּימוֹס.

אבדומא, אבדומה, v. אברומא.

אבדימי, v. אֶבְדִּימוֹס.

אֲבַדּוֹן m. (b.h.; אבד) perdition, hell. Koh. R. to V, 8.

אֶבְדּוֹקוֹס pr. n. m. (Εὔτοκος) Ebdocus (Eutocus). Y. Meg. III, 74a bot. rendered in a secret political letter טוב ילד Good-Child. (Ed. —קום, —קין corr. ace.)

אֶבְדִּימָא, v. next w.

אֶבְדִּימוֹס pr. n. m. (Εὔδημος) Ebdimos, Eudemus. Y. Keth. XI, 34b; mostly abbrev. אבדימא, אבדימי (corrupt. אבדומי, אבדומא, אבודמי, name of several Amoraim, the most prominent: Eb. of Zepphoris. Y. Ber. IV, 8a; a. fr. [V. Fraukel Mebo, s. v.] V. וַרְדִּימוֹס.

אַבְדָּלָה h., אַבְדַּלְתָּא ch., f. (=הַבְדָּלָה; בדל) 1) the act of distinguishing; separation. Y. Ber. VIII, 12c top א׳ ודאי real separation.—2) Habdalah, a formula of prayer for the exit of the Sabbath or Holy Days. Ibid. beg. 11d. Pes. 113a; a. fr.—Pl. אַבְדָּלוֹת. Y. Ber. V. 9b bot. שבעה א׳ seven objects of distinction (mentioned in the Habdalah).

אַבְדָּן pr. n. m. Abdan (contr. of אבא יודן), an Amora of the first gener. Y. Ber. IV, 7c bot. (cmp. Gen. R, s. 10). Ber. 27b Ms. M. (ed. אבידן); a. e.

אָבְדָּן, אוֹבְדָּן m. (b. h. אבדן, אבד) ruin, destruction. Y. Dem. VII, 26a bot. א׳ אוכלין waste of eatables; a. fr.

אַבְדָּנָא, אוֹבְדָנָא ch. same. Targ. Prov. XXVII, 20; a. e.

אֲבֵדָתָּא, v. אֲבֵי׳.

אבדתא, v. אֲבַרְתָּא.

אַבָּה pr. n. m. Abbah; father of Samuel; v. .

אָבָה, v. אבי.

אַבָּהוּ pr. n. m. Abbahu, name of two Palestine Amoraim, one prob. of the first gener. Y. Ber. V, 8d bot; Y. Bicc. II, 64d top; the second a celebrated disciple of R. Yoḥannan, residing in Cæsarea. Y. Ber. II, 4b top. Succ. 48b; a. fr.—Babylonian Amoraim by that name. Sabb. 119b; Kid. 33b, father of Rabbah, v. רַבָּה. B. Kam.117b, contemp. of R. Ashé, v. אַשֵׁי.

אבהנוס, אבהונוס Y. Kil. III, 31c Ar. (ed. אבהטס, read אַמְבָּטִיס q. v. or אִיפּוֹבַּטֵיס (ἱπποβάτης) stallion ass for mares.

אֲבָהָתָא pl. of אַבָּא.

אבהתא v. מַמְצִיא

אִבּוּ, אִיבּוּ(אַיְיבוּ) pr. n. m. Ibbu (Aïbu), all prob. forms of the same name, an Amora. Snh. 5a אבו Ar. ed: pr. (ed. אי׳, Ms. M. איי׳). Succ. 44b איי׳. Ruth R., Par. 2, beg. רבי אי׳. Num. R. s. 12. Y. Succ. II, 53a bot.; Pes. 4a, a. fr. איי׳. [אִבּוּ name of a bird, v. אִיבּוּ].

אַבּוּבאִיבּוּב m. (=אנב׳, נבב to be hollow; cmp. בִּיב I) reed, flute; pipe, tube. Arakh. II, 3 א׳ של קנה a reed flute, א׳ של נחושת brass flute. Kel. II, 3; Men. X, 4 א׳ של קלאים Ar. (ed. קליות) an iron tube for roasting grain.—א׳ רוֹעֶה (Var. אבובראה, אבוברואה) shepherd's flute, name of a plant (Eupatorium) used for medicinal purposes; v. חומטריא. Sabb.XIV, 3; ib. 109b; Y. ib. XIV, 14c.

אַבּוּב, אַבּוּבא ch. same. Yoma 20b (prov.) א׳ לחרי וכ׳ a flute is musical to nobles—give it to weavers, they will not accept it (fools criticise where sages admire). Succ. 50bPl. אַבּוּבִין. Targ. Jerem. XLVIII, 36; a. fr.

אַבּוּבְרָאֶה, אַבּוּבְרוֹאֶה=אַבּוּב רוֹעֶה, v. foreg. h.

אַבּוּבְרָם pr. n. m. (=אבי אברם); בר א׳ Bar Abbub'ram. Ḥull. 38a.

אִבּוּד, v. אִיבּוּד.

אבוד, v. אָכוּז.

אַבּוּדְיָינָא, אַבּוּדְיָנָא pr. n. m. Abbud'yana, a gentile name (referring to idolatry). Git. 11a.

אֲבוּדְמָא, אבודמי, v. אֶבְדִּימוֹס.

אבוורנקא, אבוורנקי, v. אַכְוַרְנְקָא.

*אֵבוּז m. (cmp. אֵבוּס; אבז, √אב) Euphem. for buttocks, extremity. Erub. 53b; v. אָכוּז.