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gerous animals, and left to rot neglected in noisome dungeons. He was the author of over twenty scientific works. He died 25th October, 1826.

Note K, page 145.

When Louis XIV was shown the newly-completed palace of Trianon, he asked De Louvois, who was not only Prime Minister, but "Inspector of Royal Buildings," why one of the windows was smaller than the others? De Louvois rudely declared that they were all the same size. The King said nothing, but the next day sent for Le Notre, a celebrated artist and architect, and asked him in the presence of De Louvois whether the windows were all the same size? Le Notre declared that one of them was a trifle smaller than the others, and the King turned in triumph towards De Louvois. The Minister went home in a rage. "I must give this young fool something better to think about than the size of windows," he said, and within the next few hours he had declared war against Holland. The story is of doubtful authenticity, but if not true is ben trovato.