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^iV JOYFUL RUSSIA. By John A. Logan, Jr. With 50 Illustrations in color and black and white. lamo. Cloth, $3.50. "Of extreme interest from beginning to end. Mr. Logan has anima- tion of style, good spirits, a gift of agreeable and enlivening expression, and a certain cham which may be called companionableness. To travel, with him must have been a particular pleasiune. He has sense of humor, a way of getting over roug^ places, and tmderstanding of human nature. There is not a dull duster in nis book." — New York Ttmes,

    • Mr. Logan has written of the things which he saw widi a fullness that

leaves nothing to be desired for thedr osmprehension ; widi an eye that was quick to perceive their novelty, their picturesqueness, their national agnifi- cance, and with a mind not made up beforehand — frankly open to new impressions, alert in its percepdoos, reasonable in its judgment, manly, independent, and, like its environments, filled with holiday enthusiasm." — New York Mail and Express.

    • No more fresh, original, and convincing picttue of the Russian people

and Russian life has appeared. . . . The au&or has described picturesquely and in much detail whatever he has touched upon. . . . Few books of travel are at once so readable and so informing, and not many are so suc- cessfully illustrated; for the pictures tell a story of their own, while they also interpret to the eye a vivid narradve." — Boston Herald. "A chronicle of impressions gathered during a brief and thoroughly enjoyed holiday by a man with eyes wide open and senses alert to see and hear new things. Thoroughly successful and well worth perusal . . . There will be found within its pages plenty to instruct and entertain tlie reader." — Brooklyn Eagle. " The book is a hbtorical novelty; and nowadays a more valuable dis- tinction can not be attached to a book. . . . No other book of travels of late years is so unalterably interesting." — Boston journal.

    • Mr. Logan's narrative is spirited in tone and color. ... A volume

that is entertaining and amusing, and not unworthy to be called instructive. The style is at all times lively and spirited, and full of good humor."— PkUadelphia Press.

    • Mr. Logan has a quick eye, a ready pen, a determination to make die

most of opportunities, and his book is very interesting. . . . He has made a thorous^y readable book in which history and bioeraphy are brought in to give one a good general impression of afuurs." — Hartford Post, " Mr. Logan has presented in attractive language, re-enforced by many beaudful |>hotographi5, a most entertaining narradve of his personsd experi- ences, besides a dazzling panorama of the coronadon ceremonies. . . . Read without prejudice on die subject of the Russian mode of government, the book is unusually able, instrucdve, and entertainmg." — Boston Globe, "Mr. Logan departs from the usual path, in telling in clear, simple, good style alx>ut the indmate life of the Russian ^^^X^ — Baltimore Sun, D. APPLETON AND COMPANY. NEW YORK.