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A FRIEND OF THE QUEEN. (Marie Antoinette— Count de Fenen.) By Paxjl Gaulot. With Two Por- traits. i2mo. Cloth, $a.oo. " M. Gaulot deserves thanks for pretenting the personal history of Count Fenen in a manner so eridently candid imd unbiased/^-— jPlbiuar/' ^kia BuUetiM, " There are some characters in history of whom we never seem tdgrow tired. Of no one is this so much the case as of the beautiful Marie Antoi- nette, and of that life which is at once so erentfiil and so tragic. ... In this work we have much that up to the present time has been only vagndy akOwn"—Phiiad€lphia Fret*.

    • A historical volume that will be eageily read."— iVm York Observer,
    • One of those captivating recitals of the romance of trudi whidi are

die gikiing of the pill of history." — London Daily Niw$, It tells with new and authentic details the romantic story ni Count Fersen's (the Friend of the Queen) devotion to Marie Antoinette, of his share in the celebrated flight to Varennes. and in many odier well-known episodes of the unhappy Queen's Mic'**— London Time*,

    • If the book had no more recommendation than the mere fact that

Marie Antoinette and Count Fersen are rescued at last from the voluminous and contradictoiv representations with which the literature of that period abounds, it would be enough compensation to any reader to become ac- quainted wiUi the true delineations of two of the most romantically tragic personalities."— ^MiSm Globe, niffE ROMANCE OF AN EMPRESS, CathaHne II of Russia, By K. Waliszewski. With Portrait. i2mo. Cloth, $a.oa " Of Catharine's marvelous career we have in this volume a sympa- thetic, learned, and picttuesque narrative. No royal career, not even of some of the Roman or papal ones, has better shown us how truth can be stranger than fiction."— York Times, A striking and able work, deserving of the highest ^m^,*— Phila- delphia Ledger, " The book is well called a romance, for, although no legends are ad- mitted in it, and the author has been at pains to present nothing but verified fiicts, the actual career of die subject was so abnormal and sensational as to seem to belong to fiction.'^ — New York Sun. "A dignified, handsome, mdeed superb volume, and well worth care- ful reading."— CA«w^^ Herald. " It is a most wonderful story, charminrly told, with new material to sustain it, and a bmdth and temperance and consideration that i^o far to soften one's estimate of one of the most extraordinary women of history. '—New York Commercial Advertiser, "The perusal of such a book can not fail to add to that breadth of laew which is so C5«ential to the student of universal history.— -PAftiwiir^Aia BulUtin. New Yoric : D. APPLETON & CO., 7a Fifth Avenue. y