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<TrHE PRIVATE UFE OF THE QUEEN. By a Member of the Rojal Hoaaehold. Ilhistnited. zamo. Cloth, "The future historian will value 'The Private Life of the Queen ' because it is in a sense so intimate. The contempofarip reader will find it hi^il^ interesting for the same reason. . . . The Dook is agreeably written, and IS certain to interest a very wide dide of ttaidim^*-~FMladeUkia

    • The author writes pleasantly, and the bode is interesting in it

gives the reader a real acquaintance widi the perscmafi^ and pnvate life of a singulariy interesting public figure."— iVm York Sun,

    • A singitlariy attractive pictiure of Queen Victoria. . . . The interests

and occupations that make up the Queen's day, and die fiinctions of many of the members of her household, are described in a manner calculated to gratify the natural desire to know what ^;oes on behind closed doors that very tew of the world's dignitaries are pri^eged to i/aMM.*'-^B(HttmNermld. HTHE LIFE OF HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS THE PRINCE CONSORT, By Sir Theodore Martin. In five volumes, each with Portrait. i2mo. Qoth, fiaoo. " The woric bears the impress throughout of the directing mind of the Queen, and it is a very good reflex character— strong, even mtense in her domestic affections, and yet with a decided taste and liking for public affiurs and the duties of her position."— T'A/ Interior, " A full and impartial biography of a noble and enlightened prince. . . . Mr. Martin's work is not gossipv, not light, nor 3ret duU^ ^[uarded in its details of the domestic lives of Albert and Victoria, but sufficientlv full and ftyniliar to Contribute much interesting information. . . . Will weu repay a careftil and earnest reading."— CA*ca^ Tribune.

    • Although the woric was prepared especiall;rfor English readers, it pos-

sesses universal interest, and will find a place in many private libraries on this side of the water." 7 HE SOVEREIGNS AND COURTS OF EUROPE. The Home and Court Life and Characteristics of the Reigning Families. By " Politikos." With many Por- traits. i2mo. Cloth, $1.50. <* A remarkably able book. ... A great deal of the inner history of Europe is to be found in the woric, and it is illustrated by admirable tnaXB.*'—The AtkeniBum.

    • The anonymous author of these sketches of the reigning sovereigns 01

Europe appears to have gathered a good deal of curious infonnation about their private lives, manners, and customs, and has certainly in several in- stances had access to tmusual soiurces. The result is a volume which fiir- nishes views of the kings and queens concerned, far fuller and more inti- mate tiian can be found elsewhere."— A^w Vork Tr^me, D. APPLETON AND COMPANY, NEW YORK.