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<YHE RISE AND GROWTH OF THE ENGLISH NATION. With Special Reference to Epochs and Crises. A History of and for the People. By W. H. S. Aubrey, LL. D. In Three Volumes. i2mo. Cloth, $4. 5a " The merit of this work is intrinsic. It rests on the broad intdligence and true philosophy of the method employed, and the^ coherency and accu- racy of the results reached. The scope m. the woric is marvelous. Never was there more crowded into three small volumes. But the saving of space IS not by the sacrifice of substance or of style. The broadest view of the facts and forces embraced by the subject is exhibited with a clearness <A arrangement and a definiteness of application that render it perceplible to the simplest apprehension."— AVw York Mail and Express, " A useful and thorough piece of work. One of the best treatises which the general reader can ^ait*' —London Daily ChronicU. " Conceived in a popular spirit, yet with strict regard to the modern standards. The title is fully borne out No want of color in the descrip- tions." — London Daily News. " The ^an laid down resulu in an admirable English luatory"— London Morning Post, "Dr. Aubrey has supplied a want. His method is undoubtedly the right one."— jpo// Mall Gazelle. " It is a distinct step forward in histoiy writing; as £ur ahead of Green as he was of Macaulay, though on a different line. Green gives the picture of England at difierent times; Aubrey goes deeper, showing the causes which led to the changes."— JVT/w yorM IVorU,

    • A work that will commend itsdf to the student of history, and as a

comprehensive and convenient reference book." — TAe Argonaut

    • Up to date in its narration of &ct, and in its elucidation of those gnat

principles that underlie all vital and wtnrthy history. . . . l*he painstsudne division, along with the admirably complete index, will make it easy work for any student to get definite views of any era, or any particular feature of it. . . . The wotk strikes one as being more comprehensive than many that cover far more space." — TAe ChrisHan Inlelltgencer, "One of the most elaborate and noteworthy of recent contributions to historical hterature."— iV>w Haven Register. "These volumes are a surprise and in their way amarveL . . . They constitute an almost encydopaMUa of &ig]ish history, condensing in a mar- velous manner the facts and principles devdoped in the history of the English naticm. . . . The woric b one of unsurpassed value to the historical student or even the general reader, and when more widely known will no doubt be appreciated tu one of the remarkable contributions to English history published in the century." — Chicago Universalist "In every page Dr. Aubrey writes with the far-reaching relation of contemporary incidents to the whde subiect. The amount ofmatter these three volumes contain is marvelous. The style in which they are written is more than satisfactory. . . . The work is one of unusual importance."— Hartford Post, D. APPLETON AND COMPANY, NEW YORK.