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To the Reader.

Land in the East and West-Indies, that it may be said of them, as of the Spaniards, That the Sun never sets upon their Dominions. And to meet with that Objection by the way, That the Spaniard's being entituled to those Countries, it were both unlawful and against all conscience to dispossess him thereof. I answer, that (the Popes Donation excepted) I know no title he hath but force, which by the same title, and by a greater force may be repelled. And to bring in the title of First Discovery, to me it seems as little, reason, that the sailing of a Spanish Ship upon the Coast of India, should entitle the King of Spain to that Countrey, as the sailing of an Indian or English Ship upon the Coast of Spain, should entitle either the Indians or English unto the Dominion thereof. No question but the just Right or Title to those Countries appertains to the Natives themselves; who if they shall willingly and freely invite the English to their protection, what Title soever they have in them, no doubt but they may legally transfer it or communicate it to others. And to say that the

inhumane Butchery which the Indians did formerly commit in sacrificing of so many reasonable Creatures to their wicked Idols, was a sufficient