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To the Reader.

warrant for the Spaniards to divest them of their Country; The same Argument may by much better reason be enforced against the Spaniards themselves, who have sacrificed many millions of Indians to the Idol of their barbarous cruelty, that many populous Islands and large Territories upon the main Continent, are thereby at this day utterly uninhabited, as Bartholomeo de las Casas the Spanishi Bishop of Guaxaca in New Spain, hath by his Writings in Print sufficiently testified. But to end all disputes of this nature; since that God hath given the earth to the Sons of Men to inhabit; and that there are many vast Countries in those parts, not yet inhabited either by Spaniard or Indian, why should my Country-men the English be debarred from making use of

that which God from all beginning, no question, did ordain for the benefit of Mankind?