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Chap. I.
of the West-Indies.

Which, Policy since the first Conquest of the West-India's, and Ambition to advance the Popes name hath granted to the Kings of Spain, by a special Title, naming those Kingdoms, El Patrimonio Real, The Royal Patrimony; upon this Condition, that the King of Spain must maintain there the Preaching of the Gospe], Fryers, Priests and Jesuites to Preach it,with all the Erroneous Popish Doctrines, which tend to the advancement of the Popes Glory, Power, and Authority, So that what power he hath divested himself of, and invested the Pope with; what power other Princes are divested of, and the King of Spain in his Kingdoms of Europe, from medling in Ecclesiastical affairs, or with Ecclesiastical men; Arch-Bishops, Bishops, Priests, Jesuites, Monks and Fryers; that same power by way of Royal Patrimony is conferred upon him in the India's only. And this only Politickly to maintain their Popery; else never would it have so much increased there; for poor Priests and Mendicant Fryers would never have had means enough to be at the charges of sending yearly Flocks and Sholes of Fryers thither, neither to keep and maintain them there; neither would the Covetousness of the Popes themselves have afforded out of their full and Rich Treasures, means sufficient for the maintaining of to many thousand Preachers as at this day are Preaching there, more Rome and Antichrists name, then the name of Christ and the truth of the Gospel. And Policy having thus opened way to those American parts, the charges being thus laid upon the Crown of Spain, and the honour of a Royal Patrimony, with power over the Clergy thus conferred upon the Kings of Spain; how doth the Pope yearly charge the Catholic King with Troops of Jesuites and Fryers to be conveyed thither? Now the Jefuites (the best Scholars of Romes Policy) seeing this to be thus setled between the Pope and the King of Spain, for the increasing of their Order, and to suppress the increase of other Religions there, have thought first of a way of challenging all the India's to themselves, alledging that Francis Xavierius companion of Ignatius Loiola was the first Preacher that ever Preached in the East India's, and so by right that