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Chap. I.
A New Survey

and Letters of Commendation to the Pope and Cardinals) he had spent of the City of Valentia only five thousand Duckets, and yet was not his Saint enthroned, as he desired, in Heaven, but still mony was wanting, and, more demanded for the Dignifying with a Saints Title, him who had lived a Mendicant and begging Fryer. Thus are those blinded Nations brought by Policy to run to Rome with Rich Treasures, and thus do they strive who shall have most Saints of their Country or Nation, though impoverishing themfelves, whilst at Rome Ambition and Policy say not, It is enough, fit mates for the Horsleech his two Daughters, crying, Give, give, Prov 30.15. Give, say they, and the rigid Penance justly to be imposed upon thee for thy sins most hainous, shall be extenuated and made easie for thee.

Give, say they, and thou shalt be dispensed with to marry thy nearest Kinswoman or Kinsman. It would be a long story to insert here how the Popes Policy sucks out of England our Gold and Silver for the Authorizing of our Papists private Chambers and Altars for the gaining of Indulgences in them, and delivering of souls out of Purgatory, when Masses are said and heard at them. Thus hath Romes Policy blinded and deceived many of the European Kingdoms, and with the same greediness gapes at Asia and America. Who would not admire to see that at this day in America only, the Popes Authority and usurped power is extended to as many Countries as all Europe contains, wherein no Religion but meer blind Obedience and Subjection to that Man of Sin is known? And dayly may it more and more encrease, whereas the King of Spain gloryeth to have received from the Pope power over those Kingdoms far greater than any other Princes of Europe have enjoyed from him. But the pity is that what power these Princes have, they must acknowledge it from Rome, having given their own power and strength to the Beaft, Rev.17.13. suffering themselves to be divested of any Ecclessastical power over the Clergy, and unabled to tender any Oath of Supremacy and Allegiance to their own and natural Subjects, only so far as his Holiness shall give them power.