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Chap. II.
A New Survey

namely at Winifreds Well (so termed by them) where they had bought an Inn, and speedily fell to building there that they might make it a College for Jesuits to entertain there all Papists comers and goers to that Well, and so might win to themselves the hearts of most of the Papifts of the Land, who do yearly resort thither to be Washed and Healed upon any light occasion either of Head-ach, Stomach-ach, Ague, want of Children, where they blindly phansie a speedy Remedy for all Maladies, or wants of this World. Thus have the Priests discovered further our English Jesuites Covetousness in building of Sope-houses at Lambeth under the name of Mr. George Gage their Purse-bearer, and since projecting the Monopoly of Sope under Sir Richard Weston, Sir Basil Brook and many others names, who were but Agents and Traders with the Jesuits Rich and Mighty Stock. Thus came out the discovery of the Levelling of Hills and Mountains, Cutting of Rocks at Liege in the Low Countries at the College of the English Jesuites, a Work for Gardens and Orchards for their Novices Recreation and Pastime, which (as I have heard from their own mouths) cost them thirty thousand pound, which Gift they squeezed out of one only Countess of this Land. Like to this may prove their College at Gaunt, for which they have obtained already a fair beginning of eight thousand pounds from the Old Countess of Shrewsbury, and from the greatest part of the Estate of Mr. Sackefield, whom whiles they had him in their Colleges, they cherished with their best Dainties, and with hopes that one day he should be a Canonized Saint of their Religious Order. All these Knaveries do even those Priests of the same Popiish Religion discover of them, and thereby endeavour to make them odious. And though of all, the

Jesuites be the most Covetous, yet may I not excuse the Secular Priests, Benedictine Monks, and the Fryers from this Damnable Shin, who also drive for Wealth and Means for their Doway, Paris and Lisbon Colleges, and lose no opportunities at the death of their Popish Favorites for the obtaining a Legacy of one or two hundred pounds, assuring them their souls shall be the better for their Masses. Thus