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Chap. II.
of the West-Indies.

do those miserable wretches in the very heat of their Zeal of souls seek to suppress one another, and having Vowed Poverty, yet make they the Conversion of England the only object of their Ambition and unsatiable Covetousness. But above all is this Envy and Hatred found between Do- minicans and Jesuits, for these owe unto them an old grudge, for that when Ignatius Loiola lived, his Doctrine de Irinitate (which he pretended was revealed to him from Heaven, for he was certainly past the Age of studying at his Conversion) was questioned by the Dominicans, and he by a Church Censure publickly and shamefully whipped about their Cloisters for his Erroneous Principles. This affront done to their chief Patron hath stirred up in them an unreconcilable hatred towards the Order of the Dominicans, and hath made them even crak their brains to oppose Thomas Aquinas His Doctine. How shamefully do those two Orders endeavour the destruction of each other, branding one another with Calumnies of Heresie, in the Opinions especially de Conceptione Maria, de libero Arbitrio, de Auxiliis And of the two, the jesuite is more bold and obstibate in Malice and Hatred. How did they some twenty years ago, all Spain over, about the Conception of Mary, stir up the people against the Dominicans, inso much that they were in the very streets termed Hereticks, stones cast at them, the King almoft persuaded to Banish them out of all his Dominions, and they poor Fryers forced to stand upon their guard in their Cloisters in many Cities, especially in Sevil, Osuna, Antiquera and Cordova, to defend themselves from the rude and furious multitude. Much like this was that publick Conference and Disputation between Valentia the Jesuite and Master Lemos the Dominican, before the Pope, concerning their altercation de Auxiliis; When the cunning

Jesuite hoping to Brand with Heresie the whole Order of Dominicans, had caused Augustines Works to be falsly Printed at Lions, with such words which might directly oppoe the Thomists Opinion, and had prevailed, had not Lemos begged of the Pope that the Original Books of Austin might be brought out of his Vatican Library, where was