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Chap. III.
of the West-Indies.

blinded and wounded with Cupids Arrow sticking in his heart, ran headlong to quench his lustful thirst upon St. James his day, 1635. for better memory of Tragical event (being the Spaniards common Advocate, and special Patron of that City, named St. Jago de Guatemala, where cruel Mars oppressing Venus in her wanton Acts, the injured Husband Acting Mars and finding Navarro Cupids Page saluting his Venus upon her bed, drew his sword, cutting the Frier first in the head and face; who strugling with death, and chasing his life with a swift and nimble flight to a Garden, where his own Brother a Frier of the same Order, and Pander to that foul act, entertained the Motherless Children; for the Husband having missed his fatal blow (willingly as some imagined, or unwillingly as others judged), in the Friers heart, wilfully laid it in the throat of his unchast Wife, scarce leaving way for breath to make I speedy Confession of her sin to Navarro his Brother; who tendring her soul, as much as his Brother had tendred her body, absolved her from her sin, finding signs, though no uttering speech of Repentance, while the murderer fled, and the murthered lay in the door of her house for a sad object to all, that immediately flocked thither to fee that bloudy Tragedy. The Wife being the fame day buried, the Husband being retired to a close Sanctuary, Navarro was carried to his Convent to be Cured; and after his Cure was banished that Country; whom two years after it was my chance to meet in Cartagena returning to Spain with his scar'd face, bearing the mark of his lascivious life, and of that liberty which he had enjoyed in America. Such are the fruits of the Zeal of those wretches, who upbraid our Church and Ministers for want of Zeal to labour in the Conversion of Infidels. Who when they arrive to those parts, are entertained with ringing of Bells, with sounding of Trumpets most part of the way as they Travail, and as Apostles are received by the Indians, though soon like Judas they fall from their calling, and for Pleasure and Covetousness sell away Christ from their souls. England may here learn to beware of such Converters, who are daily by name of Missionaries sent hither by the Pope to