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Chap. IV.
A New Survey

Preach among us Popery; but like Navarro come to feed and cherish their wanton lusts, as I could give many instances, might I not be censured for long digressions in mingling English Histories with my American Travails.

Chap. IV.

Shewing to what Provinces of the East and West India's belonging to the Crown of Castilia are sent Missions of Friers and Jesuites. And Specially of the Missions Sent in the year 1625.

IN all the Dominions of the King of Spain in America, there are two sorts of Spaniards more opposite one to another then in Europe, the Spaniard is opposite to the French, or to the Hollander, or to the Portugal; to wit, they that are born there of Spanish Parents, whom the Spaniards to distinguish them from themselves, term Criolio's, signifying the Natives of that Country. This hatred is so great, that I dare say, nothing might be more advantagious then this, to any other Nation that would Conquer America. And nothing more easily gained then the wills and affections of the Natives of the Country, to join with any other Nation to free and rescue themselves from that subjection, or kind of slavery, which they suffer under the hard usage of the Spaniards, and their partial Government and Justice toward them, and those that come from Spain. This is so grievous to the poor Criolio's or Natives, that my self have often heard them say, they would rather be subject to any other Prince, nay to the Hollanders then to the Spaniards, if they thought they might enjoy their Religion; and others wishing the Hollanders, when they took Truxillio in Honduras, had staied in it and entred further into the Land, they should have been welcome to them; and that the Religion they enjoied with so much slavery, was nothing sweet unto them. This mortal hatred