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To the Reader.

THe Divine Providence hath hitherto so ordered my life, that for the greatest part thereof I have lived (as it were) in exile from my native Country: which happened, partly, by reason of my Education in the Romish Religion, and that in forein Universities; and partly, by my entrance into Monastical Orders. For twelve years space of which time, I was wholly disposed of in that part of America called New Spain, and the parts adjacent. My difficult going thither not being permitted to any, but to those of the Spanish Nation; my long stay there; and lastly my returning home, not only to my Countrey, but to the true knowledge and free profession of the Gospels Purity, gave me reason to conceive, That these great mercies were not appointed me by the Heavenly Powers, to the end I should bury my Talent in the earth, or hide my light under a bushel, but that I should impart what I there saw and knew to the use and benefit of my English Countrey-men: And which I held my self obliged unto, because in a manner nothing hath been written of

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