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To the Reader.

these Parts for these hundred years last past, which is almost ever since the first Conquest thereof by the Spaniards, who are contented to lose the honour of that wealth and felicity they have there since purchased by their great endeavours, so they may enjoy the safety of retaining what they have formerly gotten, in peace and security. In doing whereof I shall offer no Collections, but such as shall arise from mine own Observations, which will as much differ from what formerly hath been hereupon written, as the Picture of a person grown to Mans estate, from that which was taken of him when he was but a Child; or the last hand of the Painter, to the first or rough draught of the Picture. To my Country-men therefore I offer a New World, to be the subject of their future Pains, Valour and Piety, desiring their acceptance of this plain but faithful Relation of mine, wherein the English Nation may see what wealth and honour they have lost by the oversight of King Henry VII. who living in peace and abounding in riches, did notwithstanding unfortunately rejet the offer of being first Discoverer of America, and left it to Ferdinando of Aragon, who at the same time was wholly taken up by the Wars, in gaining of