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( *9 ) follow him. She obeyed, and the Marquis enquired with great agitation after Vincent. When told of his death, he paced the room with hurried footsteps, and was for some time silent. At length feating himself, and surveying Madame with a scrutinizing eye, he asked some questions concerning the particulars of Vincent's death. She mentioned his earned desire to flee the marquis, and repeated his last words. The Marquis remained silent, and Madame proceeded to mention the circumstances relative to the southern division of the castle, which she thought of so much importance to discover. He treated the affair very lightly, laughed at her conjectures, representing the appearances she described as the illusions of a weak and timid mind, and broke up the convention, by going to visit the chamber of Vincent, in which he remained for considerable time. On the following day Emilia and Julia dined with the Marquis. He was C 3 ^QWfc>jminor spelling and punctuation corrections