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( 3o ) gloomy and silent; their efforts to amuse him seemed to excite displeasure rather than kindness; and when the report was concluded, he withdrew to his own apartment, leaving his daughters in a state of sorrow and surprise. Vincent was to be interred, according to his own desire, in the church belonging to the convent of St. Nicholas. One of the servants, after receiving some necessary orders concerning the funeral ventured to inform the marquis of the appearance of the lights in the south tower. He mentioned the superstitious reports that prevailed amongst the household, and complained that the servants would not cross the courts after it was dark. " And who is he that has commissioned you with this story?" said the marquis, in a tone of displeasure, "are the weak and ridiculous fancies of women and servants to be obtruded upon my notice? Away — appear no more before me, till you have learned to speak what is proper for me to hear."