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"Temporary Blindness from Lead Poisoning." (Ibid., vol. iv.)

'■ Dacrocystitis and Lachrymal Ob- structions." (Ibid., vol. iv.)

"An Improved Iridectomy Forceps." (Ibid., vol. V.)

"Asthenopia, Causes, Recognition and Treatment." (Ibid., vol. v.)

"Paracentesis Membrane Tympani." (Ibid., vol. vi.)

" Blindness from Intra-cerebral Tu- mor." (Ibid., vol. vi.)

"Strabismus Convergcns a Symptom, not a Primary Affection." (Ibitl, vol. viii.)

" Calcification of the Aortic Valves of the Heart." (Ibid., vol. ix.)

"The Ophthalmoscope's Contributions to General Medicine." ("Transactions of the ]\Iichigau State Medical Society," vol. i.)


"Sympathetic Ophthalmia." (Ibid., 1870.)

"Embolism of the Central Retinal Artery of the Eye." (Ibid., 1873.)

" Case of Spontaneous Iridocyclitis f ol- low^ed by Sympathetic Ophthalmia." ("Detroit Lancet," 1879.)

" Case of Fatal Rapidly Growing Intra- orbital Tumor" (round celled sarcoma). ("Transactions of the American Oph- thalmological Society," 1879.)

" New Operation for Strabismus." (Ibid., 1879.)

"On the Use of the Ophthalmoscope." ("Transactions of the Michigan State Medical Society," 1872.)

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