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In 1S3S lie mairicil Lizette AUvatcr of Perry, New York, and hail eight children. Mrs. Jerome died in 1863, and in 1865 he married Calista Allen.

He died at his home in Saginaw, Au- gust 8, 18S4, from a protracted illness of inflammation of the liver.


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Jewett, Charles (1842-1910).

Charles Jewett, a New York gynecol- ogist, was born in Bath, Maine, on Sep- tember 27, 1839, and at his death, from apoplexy, when seventy-one years old was .still in active practice at the Long Island College Hospital. His A. B. was from Bowdoin College and his M. D. from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York.

Although a busy man he found time to do a little writing and to edit the "Practice of Obstetrics." Three of his books were: "Childbed Nursing," "Out- hnes of Obstetrics" and "Essentials of Obstetrics."

In 1866 he married Abbie E. Flagg and a son, Dr. Harold F., and a daughter, AUce Hale, survived him.

Jewett was a clever and popular man and had many appointments. Among them he was a member of the American Academy of Medicine; American Gyne- cological Society and British Gynecolog- ical Society; president of the Medical Societj' of the State of New York; gyne- cologist and obstetrician to the Long Island College Hospital; consulting ob- stetrician to Kings County Hospital; con- sulting surgeon to St. Christopher's Hos- pital; consulting gynecologist to Bush- wick, Swedish and German Hospitals and Bushwick and Eastern District Dis- pensaries, Brooklyn; professor of obstet-

rics anil gynecology in Long Island Col- lege Hospital, and co-edilor of "American Gynecology" 1902.

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Jewett, Theodore Herman. (1815-1878).

Dr. Jewett was born at South Ber- wick, Maine, March 24, 1815. His an- cestors were of Danish and French de- scent, and he was the son of Capt. Furber and Sarah Orne Jewett. His childhood was spent in Portsmouth, New Hamp- shire, the family returning to South Ber- wick in 1823, when the father decided to settle on land.

Theodore was a student from child- hood and entered Bowdoin at the age of fifteen, graduating with the class of 1834. While there he was a great favor- ite, studious and quiet and highly thought of by his classmates. He studied pri- vately with Dr. William Berry of Exeter, New Hampshire, with Dr. \\'inslow Lewis, of Boston, both of whom predicted great success for him, and also attended medical lectures at Dartmouth and Har- vard, and finally (1840) took his degree at the Jefferson Medical College in Phila- delphia. He hoped, at this time, to study in Europe, and to settle in a larger city, but his health was delicate, a brother had just died from tuberculosis, and his father begged the son would stay at home, so he spent his life in South Berwick, always hoping that opposition to his orig- inal plans would cease. To an ambitious man like Jewett, it was a lonely life, far from the circle of his professional fi'iends of whom he was so fond.

He worked thoroughly and well, and soon became known and appreciated as an excellent physician. He had won- derful tact in diagnosis, and in discover- ing appropriate remedies.

He never tired of living and he never grew old. For man}' j'ears he was a most satisfactory lecturer on obstet- rics in the medical School of Maine. During the Civil War he was surgeon of the Enrollment Board at Portland, and