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JO 11. \ STONE



The following is a list of some of his contributions to medical literature:

"Experimental and Microscopic Studies on the Origin of the Blood Globules." ("Archives of Medicine," New York. ISSl, vi.)

"The Menstrual Organ." ("British Gynecological Journal," 1887-8, ii.)

"Menopause; Natural and Artifici- al." ("New York Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology," 1894, iv.)

"The Relation of Menstruation to Other Reproductive Functions." ("American Journal of Obstetrics," New York, 1895, xxxii.j

" The Function and Pathology of the Reticular Tissue." ("American Gynecological and Obstetrical Jour- nal," 1S96, ix.)

"The Endometrium in the Cycle of the Rut." (Read before the British Gynecological Society, 1889.)

"Menstruation: Its Necessity and Purpose."

" Comparative Zoology of Menstrua- tion."

"Clinical Importance of the Men- strual Wave."

"Autointoxication from Defective Menstruation."

"Pathological Aspects of Stevenson's Wave."

"Internal Secretion of the Ovary."

"Etiology of Dermoids of the Ovary and of the Testicle."

"The Infantile Uterus."

"The Anatomy of the Uterus in Horizontal Animals, Showing the Necessity of Menstruation in Vertical Classes." (Read before the Inter- national Medical Congress at Rome, 1902.)

"The First Centennial of Ovariot- omy." ("Surgery, Gynecology and Obstetrics," 1905, i,

H. A. K.

Trans. Amer. Gyn. Soc, 1906, vol. xxxi.

Johnstone, Robert (1805-1847).

Robert Johnstone was born in Goshen, County Longford, Ireland, in January, 1805, and had the usual

elementary education available for lads of his day and locality. At the age of fourteen he was apprenticed to Mr. Martin Foril, an apothecary of Tuan, County Cialway, for the term of three years, and in 1823 matriculated in Trinity College, Dublin, where he probably took his M. D. in 1827. His diploma as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of London bears date June 13, 1828, and is distinguished by the autographs of Sir Astley Cooper, John Abernethy and other celebrities. After some hesitation in deciding upon a place for permanent settlement. Dr. Johnstone finally selected the United States and came here with his wife in 1831, settUng first in Cleveland, Ohio, then removing for a year to Millersburg, Ohio, and then returning again to Cleveland. Here he .soon built up a good practice and was on the high road to success when he was cut off prematurely by an attack of typhus fever contracted from a patient, which terminated his life July 16, 1847.

Dr. Johnstone's taste was for surgery, rather than medicine, though he prac- tised both. On January 29, 1846, he successfully removed, for a medullary sarcoma, the left superior maxillary bone of a child aged four and one-half years, the son of Daniel Solloway of Cleveland.

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A f5ne portrait of Dr. Johnstone is in the pos- .session of his son Mr. Arthur Johnstone in Cleveland.

Jones, Ichabod Gibson (1807-1857).

Ichabod Gibson Jones was born in Unity, Waldo County, Maine, in 1807 and died at his home in Colum- bus, Ohio, in 1857.

In 1831 he came from Maine to Worth- ington, Ohio, where he remained until 1834, when he removed to Columbus, in which city he lived until 1857.

His tastes inclined him to internal medicine and obstetrics, almost to the exclusion of surgery, which he studied only to attain proficiency in the more