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DICTIONARIES. 5 7. ABHIDAN, Adea's New Dictionary, p. c. p., in the press, will contain about 20,000 words for 1 Re. 8. ANGLO BENGALI DICTIONARY, Ch. P., 1850, pp. 90, Chandernath's, gives the English pronunciation in Bengali letters. 9. ANGLO BENGALI DICTIONARY, published by Radhanath Dey and Co., 1850, pp. 185. A Vocabulary giv- ing the meaning of words relating to Grammar, Heaven, Earth, Body, Natural Objects, Fruit, Apparel, Minerals, Farming ; the English pronunciation is given in Bengali letters. 10. ANGLO BENGALI DICTIONARY, Ingrdj Bangala Abhidhan, S. B. 8., 1853, pp. 256, 14 as. An useful explanation of 16,000 English words in Bengali. 11. BENGALI AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, 1st ed., 1852, 1,000 copies, S. B. S., 2nd ed. in the press. 1 2. H AUGHTON'S BENGALI DICTIONARY, ex- plained in English, 1833, pp. 1,461, Rs, 80, London. Roz. & Co. Published at the charge of the E. I* Company, it serves as a Sanskrit Dictionary also, and has an Index of 80 pp., serving as a reversed Anglo Bengali Dictionary, it is rich in scientific and Technical terms, gives 40,000 Bengali words, with their deri- vations from Persian, Urdu, or Sanskrit ; a cheap edition of this Dictionary would be invaluable, — it might be reprinted for 10 Rs. Sir C. Haughton was an able critical scholar and a Professor of Sanskrit at Haileybury for ten years. 1 3. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY abridged by Lavan- dier, 1st ed., 1830, last ed. 1851, St. P., pp. 305, 2 Rs. Has an Anglo Bengali Grammar prefixed to it: besides the Bengali meanings of English words, it gives a list of abbreviations and of Latin and French phrases. 14. LAW TERMS— Robinson's Dictionary of; pp. 46, Ser. P., 1854. Proposes the Bengali explanations of 4,500 terms used in the Courts and law books of the Lower Provinces ; the object is to aim at fixing an uniform legal ter- minology, now so various and puzzling, some words are derived from Persian, but the greater part are Bengali. 15. MALLIK'S ANGLO BENGALI VOCABULA- RY, of the English Reader, No. 8, pp. 115, 8 as., 1852, A. I. U. B 2