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Outside Abraham's cell. Mary and Abraham arriving.

ABRAHAM. How quickly we have overcome the hardships of the journey!

MARY. It is easy to do anything, if your heart is in it.

AB. (pointing). See! There is your empty cell!

MARY. (covering her face). Oh, dear! It was the witness of my wrong-doing. I am terrified of going in.

AB. And no wonder. We must avoid any spot where the Enemy has triumphed.

MARY. Where, then, have you decided that I am to perform my penance?

AB. Go into that further cell over there; then the old Serpent will not find a fresh opportunity of tempting you.

MARY. I have no objection. Whatever you command, I gladly obey.

AB. I will go and find my friend Ephraim. He alone shared my grief when I lost you. Now he must share my joy when I have found you again!