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behind in your footsteps.

AB. No, no. I will walk on foot, while you shall ride on the horse, in case the roughness of the track might hurt your tender feet.

MARY. Oh, how am I to answer you? How can I repay you with my thanks? Though I deserve no pity, you do not force me through fear, but lead me on by your sympathy to the path of repentance.

AB. I ask nothing but that you shall devote the rest of your life strictly to God's service.

MARY. Of my own free will I mean to be strict and to devote myself to God with all my strength. Though I may lack the power, the will shall never be wanting.

AB. It will do, if you serve God's will with the zeal with which you have served men's lusts.

MARY. I only pray that, through your good deeds, the will of God may be perfected in me.

AB. Let us hasten on our return.

MARY. Yes. The slightest delay makes me shudder.