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S 78/2003

Notification of accidents and incidents

4.—(1) Where an accident or a serious incident occurs—

(a) in Singapore; or
(b) outside Singapore involving a Singapore aircraft or an aircraft operated by a Singapore operator,

the relevant person shall, as soon as is reasonably practicable after he becomes aware of the accident or serious incident—

(i) send notice thereof to the Chief Inspector by the quickest means of communication available; and
(ii) in the case of an accident occurring in Singapore, notify a police officer of the accident and of the place where it occurred.

(2) The notice to the Chief Inspector referred to in sub-paragraph (1) shall state, as far as possible—

(a) in the case of an accident, the identifying abbreviation "ACCID" or, in the case of a serious incident, the identifying abbreviation "INCID";
(b) the manufacturer, model, nationality and registration marks and serial number of the aircraft;
(c) the name of the owner, operator and hirer, if any, of the aircraft;
(d) the name of the pilot-in-command of the aircraft and the nationality of the crew and passengers;
(e) the date and local time or Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) of the accident or serious incident;
(f) the last point of departure and the next point of intended landing of the aircraft;
(g) the position of the aircraft with reference to some easily defined geographical point and the latitude and longitude;
(h) the number of crew members and passengers on board the aircraft at the time of the accident or serious incident;
(i) in the case of an accident, the number of crew members, passengers or other persons respectively killed or seriously injured as a result of the accident;
(j) a description of the accident or serious incident and the extent of damage to the aircraft so far as is known;