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S 78/2003


"State of Manufacture" means the State having jurisdiction over the organisation responsible for the final assembly of the aircraft;

"State of Occurrence" means the State in whose territory an accident or incident occurs;

"State of Registry" means the State on whose register the aircraft is entered;

"State of the Operator" means the State in which the operator’s principal place of business is located or, if there is no such place of business, the operator’s permanent residence.

(2) For the purposes of this Order, an aircraft shall be deemed to be missing when the official search has been terminated and the wreckage has not been located.

(3) This Order shall apply only in relation to—

(a) an accident or incident involving a civil aircraft; and
(b) an accident or incident involving a military aircraft during a flying display in Singapore.


Purpose of investigation

3.—(1) The sole objective of the investigation of an accident or incident under this Order shall be the prevention of accidents and incidents.

(2) It shall not be the purpose of such an investigation to apportion blame or liability.

(3) An investigation shall include—

(a) the gathering, recording and analysis of all available information on the accident or incident;
(b) if appropriate, the issuance of safety recommendations;
(c) if possible, the determination of the causes; and
(d) in the case of an accident, the completion of the Final Report.