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New Year's Resolutions for Suffragists

Let us resolve to remember:
  1. That we are working for suffrage because of our own convictions on the subject, and not as a personal favour to the chairman of some committee.
  2. That no one else is ideally fitted to do the job assigned to us, so we might as well attend to it ourselves.
  3. That no one else will suffer any less in doing it than we do; they may talk less about their suffering.
  4. That, as some day we shall undoubtedly say: "Yes, I was one of the women who worked hard for suffrage," we might as well work hard.
  5. That it is unnecessary to be either apologetic or antagonistic about the cause, but if we must be one or the other, the latter is preferable.
  6. That the only way to get rest from suffrage work is to get suffrage.

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