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John T. May

Into the office of John T. May
A suffragist came on his busy day.

"I've come to ask of you, sir," said she,
"What may your views on suffrage be?"

The great man scowled, as a great man should,
Facing rebellious womanhood.
"This interview," he said, "is closed.
I am unalterably opposed."

"At least," said she, "you'll consent to say
Why you oppose us, Mr. May."

The great man raised his hand in the air:
"While sun and moon are shining there,
While man looks up to the azure dome,
So long will the woman's place be home."

The suffragist did not blanch or blink,
She did not tremble or start or shrink.
She said: "Well, well, it must be confessed
Your thought is admirably expressed,

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