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The great man smiled, in a great wise way.
"I always knew it," said John T. May.

"Yes, home is our place," said she, "we know,
Now we intend to make it so.
Back to the home for womanhood;
That is our motto."

And May said: "Good!"

Then the suffragist went on to tell
How their league was organised very well.
"Every girl in your factory, sir,
Feels that home is the place for her;
There she will go on a certain day,
Not a wheel will turn "

"Hold on," said May,

"That seems to me a different case."

"But why, if home is the woman's place?
Your filing clerks, and your typist, too,
Your telephone girls all think like you.
The women teachers, thousands strong,
Think they have left the home too long.
The libraries will all be closed and then
The stage will be peopled by men — just men.

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