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. A Dictionary of [/16

Englis/c Language.

By R. G. Lat/1am, flLA. 111.0. Fonna’ca’ on [/26 0ictionary of 0r. S. 70/znson. as ca’itcd 6y t/ze Rcv. 12’. 7. Todd, wit/c nmncrons Enzcna’a- lions and Additions. 42121:. 410. £7.

T lzcsanras of E ng/is/z I I 'ora’s ana’ P/zrascs, classi- fim’ ana’ arrangm’ so as to facilitate Mu: c-172rcssz'on of Ia’cas, and assist in L z'tcraiy C omposition. By P. 111'. Roget, 111.0.

Crow/z Szvo. 10s. 6d.

E Jig/is/z Synony/nc’s. By E. I I ’lzatcly. Edilcd o y A rcnois/zop I V llate/y.

Fifth Edition. E7. 8w. 3:.

A Practical Dictionary of [/10 Franc/c ana’ Englis/z Languages.

By Lc’on C onianscan, many ycars Frcnc/c Examiner for fili/ztaiy and Civil A ppointmcnts, 697.

Post 8i’0. ms. 612’.

C ontanscan's Poc/ect Dic- tionaij', Frcnc/c and Eng- [z's/z, aoria’gcd from t/ze Pracfical Dictionary. 6y 1/50 A nt/zor. '

Synan' 18/110. 3!. 6‘1.

[Vow Practical Diction— ary of [/16 German Lan- gnage; Gcrman - Englis/c and EIzg/zs/z—Gei'Iizaiz.

By Roy. IV. L. Blac/cley. flLA. and Dr. C. [I]. Frzcd/iina'cr.

Post 8w. 7:. 6a’.

A Dic/ionary of Roman and Crock Antiquities. I I "it/z 2,000 I V oodcnts from Ancient Orzgina/s, illustrative of flu: Arts and sze of [no Cracks and Romans.

By Ant/tony Ric/z, B.A. Tllim’ Edition. C) mun 82-0. 7s. 612’.

T no [Mastery of Lan— gztagcs; or, t/zc Art of Speaking Foreign T ongncs [dzomatically By T Izomas Prcna’wgast.

Second Edition. 8:17. 6s.

A Practical Eng/zls/z Dic- tz'onary.

By yo/zn T. “Wile, 0.0.

Own. and T. C. [Jon/{’z'n, 1111A.

I vol. post 8w. uniform will: Colltausc‘au's Prattiml E17115]! Dictionary. ' [In the prtss.

A Latin—English Dic- tionary. By yo/zn T. IV/zitc, 0.0. , ,, Oron. and 9’. E. Ria’d/c, 111.14. 0.1:on. "

Third Edition. 77:13:11 2 vols. 4/0. 42:.