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ll ’lzitc's C o/logo Latin- lfnglis/z 0ittio na ry ,- aln'iaign'a’ from t/u' Parent I I 'or/c for Me use of Uni- versity Students.

[Valium Sz'o. 13s.

A Latin —Eng/is/i Dic- tionaij' aa’aftm’ for t/n: use of film'ztlc—C lass Stnools, B, 1’ 70/111 T. II 71176, 0.0.

aron. Squawfi‘fi. 87'0. 34‘.

ll’nitc's7nnior Stna’cnt's C onlpleto Latin - .Englzsn and Eng/Is/z-Latin 0it- tionary. Squaw 12:710. 12:.

{ENGLISH-LATIN, 5s. 611'.

Sr‘vm‘b'l LATIN-ENGLISH, 7s. 61!.

A Green—Eng/is/z Lari-


By H. G. Lia’a’cll, 0.0. Dam of C lzristtlmrt/z, and R. Stott, 0.0. Dean of Rot/zesty}:

.S'ixt/t Edition. Civic-71.410. 36s.

.4 Lexicon, Cree/1' ana’ Englisn, aoriafgz'll for Sr/zools from Liditcll and .S‘z'ott's Greek - English Lexicon.

I: 'l/‘(z'z'lll/l Edition. Slum: IZIIm. 7.3. 6:].

l I n English—Crook Lari— mn, ronta in ing a ll t/u' Gl‘a'l' [lords usal lIy IVritcrs of good aut/zority. By C. 0. Yong'e', 0.;1. '

_ _ _ L .hw Ed'llwn. 4m 2h.

l. l

[1/ r. Yongo’s/V iochiron, .Englis/z and Grettaaoridgcd from lzis [anger Lexicon.

Sonar: 121m. 8;. 6a'.

[11’ ‘ C n/lor/ts Dictionary, Practiml, T/zoorctiml, and Historiml, of Conuncrte and Conznzcrtial ZVaZIiga- tion.

Edited oy H. G. Rtia’. 8m. 63s.

7716’ Post Ofico Gasottoer of t/zo U nitm’ Kingdom : a C onzplcto Dittionary (f all C itios, Towns, Villages, Hamlz‘ts, Unions, Regis- trars'01stritts, Torn torial Divisions, 5}"! ; and of Gentleman's Seats, Railway Stations, [Vatm'al Features, and Ooje‘tts of [Vote in Great Britain and Ireland; z'ntlzzding several t/zousa na’s (3/ 5.11171 A’anzcs of Plates, supplied oy jig; mission of Me Postal A nt/zoritic‘s : t/zc w/zolz’ adapted to tln’ Postal, Railway, and Tclcgraf/zit Systems, and to M0 S/zccts of My Ora’nanrc Survey. By 7. A. S/zarf ,' assistc‘a’

( in Mr Postal Informa- tion) oy R. F Pitt, of t/zc Grneral Post Oflitc.

Sr. . 1!). arm 2,000, prior 42:. [In filmy.