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Q. Why is Jesus Christ true man?

A. Jesus Christ is true man because He is the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary and has a body and soul like ours.

King Codrus

God became man in order that He might suffer and thereby redeem us. Codrus, the king of Athens, may to a certain extent be compared to Our Lord. During his reign the realm was invaded by enemies, the Dorians. The oracle of Delphi announced that the Athenians would be victorious over their foes, if their king was slain by the enemy’s hand. Hearing this, Codrus dressed as a peasant, and went into the hostile camp. There a dispute having arisen, he was killed in the fray. Now the Dorians were acquainted with the utterance of the oracle, and when they found who it was whom they had slain, terror seized on them, and they fled in dismay. So it was in Our Lord’s case. The prophets had foretold that the human race would be saved through the death of the King of glory. The Son of God took upon Himself the form of a servant, the nature of man; He came into the world, was not recognized by the world, and was put to death. When the enemy of mankind saw that at his instigation the Jews had crucified the Lord of life, he fled in alarm.

Q. How many natures are there in Jesus Christ?

A. In Jesus Christ there are two natures, the nature of God and the nature of man.