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Q. Is the Blessed Virgin Mary truly the Mother of God?

A. The Blessed Virgin Mary is truly the Mother of God, because the same Divine Person who is the Son of God is also the Son of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Catholic Waif and the Protestant Bishop

In a London charity-school a Protestant bishop and several other Anglican clergymen were hearing the waifs recite their prayers. Among them was a Catholic lad. This latter, having said the “Our Father,” etc., began, as he had been taught, to recite the “Hail Mary”; but the bishop interposed hastily, saying: “No, no! we want to hear nothing about her. Go on to the next.” The lad then began the “ Apostles’ Creed ”; but when he arrived at “ was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the — ” he stopped, and looking up said, “Now, what am I to do, sir, for here she comes again.” And so it is, indeed, for the Virgin is as irrevocably bound up with our Redemption and our religion as is a loving mother with the existence and the fortunes of her children.

Pius X. in his very first message to the world mentions Mary as “participating in all mysteries and dispensing every grace.”

Q. Did the Son of God become man immediately after the sin of our first parents?

A. The Son of God did not become man immediately after the sin of our first parents, but was promised to them as a Redeemer.