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26. Rechenschaft seines Glaubens an den König, in 27 Artikeln.

Original in the Archives, Vienna; reprinted by L., somewhat abridged.


Beck, Geschichts-Bücher der Wiedertäufer in Oesterreich-Ungarn, Vienna, 1883.

This volume of invaluable extracts from the scattered Anabaptist chronicles, and other original sources, is duly appreciated in the Preface. Dr. Beck's collection is in the possession of his family (he died in 1890), but it has been put at the disposal of Dr. Loserth and other investigators. It is the richest collection of Anabaptist literature in existence, and contains copies of a large number of scarce or unique writings.

Egli, Actensammlung zur Geschichte der Zürcher Reformation in den Jahren 1519–1533. Zürich, 1879.

Contains several valuable documents concerning the process against Hübmaier at Zurich.

Fabri, Vrsach warumb der Widertauffer Patron uund erster Anfenger Doctor Balthasar Huebmayr zu Wien auff den zehnten Martii Anno 1528 verbrennt sey. Vienna, 1528.

Unique and invaluable account of the Vienna process, sentence, and execution of Hübmaier. Reprinted by Loserth, as Beilage No. 10.

Fabri, Adversus Balthasarum Pacimontanum, Anabaptistorum nostri sæculi primum authorem, orthodoxæ fidei catholicæ, defensio. Leipzig, 1528.

A small tractate of only 22 leaves. The tone is polemic, and but few facts are added to our knowledge by it.

Füsslin, Beiträge zur Erläuterung der Kirchen-Reformations-geschichte des Schweizerbundes. 5 vols. Zürich, 1741.

A storehouse of documents of the highest value, well known to every student of the period.